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How to Buy

Can I buy online without registering? I can't access the Internet. Can the customer service staff place an order for me?

I'm sorry, you can't experience fast and convenient online shopping without registering as a member of Aimu mall. You can call our ordering hotline and our professional customer service personnel can guide you to do online shopping.

What is the order acceptance time in the mall?

Aimu online mall provides 24-hour self-service online ordering service, and you can place online orders at any time. After you place your order, the customer service staff will process your order within 12 hours (postponed on holidays and special circumstances).

Can you try it on to see the effect? What if there is a problem with the size?

All products in the love online mall are shown in pictures. You can clearly see the effect of wearing. In order to avoid errors caused by general size discrimination, the mall lists the size comparison chart of all products on sale. Please measure with a soft ruler before making a decision, or consult our customer service personnel before ordering.

If you can't wear it because of the wrong size, please contact our customer service personnel to find a proper solution.

How to query orders?

1. You can also log in to the user center of Aimu online mall to inquire about orders;

2. After normal login, click "my order" in the "my account" option;

3. You can query the basic information of the order: order number, order amount, order time and order processing status.

4. If you need to know more about the order status, you can log in to the home page of relevant express website according to your order number, enter your order number and query the detailed progress of your order.

Friendly tips: if you have any questions, you can also call the customer service hotline: 400 060 2008 to inquire about the order status, and our service personnel will answer them for you enthusiastically.

How to change or cancel an order?

Modify an order that has just been confirmed

If we receive your notice before the order is confirmed, we will modify your order in time. The order in the status of confirmed cannot be modified any more.

cancellation of order

Your order can be cancelled if it is not confirmed.

If the product you ordered has been shipped, you can follow the normal return and exchange process after receiving the product.

After I successfully submitted the order and remittance, I learned that the goods had been sold out. What should I do? Can I replenish them?

If you have successfully submitted your order or remittance, we will try our best to coordinate the replenishment and reissue it to you about 1 week after your remittance. However, since the replenishment of empty goods cannot be unified, we will refund you if it cannot be replenished. Please understand the inconvenience caused to you.

After the successful transaction of the order, I see new goods again. Can I pay the freight only once?

If the order is confirmed, I'm sorry, you can only pay another freight separately.

The courier didn't contact me for delivery, but I found that the goods in the order have been returned. Can the order be restored?

This is because the courier did not successfully contact you and returned this order to the sender; If you still need the goods in the order, please contact us immediately and resubmit the order. We will arrange the re shipment for you immediately, and please leave the correct contact information to keep the phone unblocked.

What problems should we pay attention to when signing for goods?

When you receive our mailing package, please carefully check whether the outer package of the product is sealed. If it is well sealed, you can receive the goods and the transaction is over; If the product is stained, damaged or lost due to the damage of the outer packaging, please call the customer service telephone 400 060 2008 on the outer packaging box immediately and contact us in time to find a proper solution.

I want to buy for my friend. How should I fill in the order information?

You just need to fill in the consignee information as your friend's information, and then choose a suitable payment method and delivery method.
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