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Common Hot Issues

Part I: I want to know about micronet mall system

1.1 what is the wechat seven in one wechat mall system?

A: the integration of seven networks includes wechat mall + traditional PC mall + Mobile Web mall +app Mall (Android /ios) + e-mail mall + Alipay service window mall + Sina Weibo mall. After enterprises enable this system, products can appear in the most popular wechat, and customers can directly place orders for payment. In order to ensure that some customers do not have wechat, we also have a mall on the mobile Internet (opened in the smartphone browser) and traditional Internet to ensure that you can sell at all major entrances.

1.2 what are the advantages of the microgrid mall system?

Answer: advantages of seven networks in one:

1. After a member registers as a member on wechat, mobile browser or PC traditional Internet, no matter which port he is on, he can log in directly with this registration number without re registration. You can also check the previous purchase records at any port. Can cross-border shopping.

2. The same product only needs to be released once, and the malls with seven entrances are on the shelves at the same time.

3. Our mall can use mature Alipay tools as payment tools.

4. We can connect the mall system with the internal ERP and CRM systems. In particular, there are physical stores and chain stores.

5. Our mall system has been developed for 10 years, which has combined the characteristics of promotion, activities and membership level in the actual business process.

6. A variety of new operation modes, such as one yuan cloud purchase, partnership, commission distribution, o2o store system, etc

1.3 what are the benefits of being a wechat mall?

A: the user group of wechat is a big cake and a huge business opportunity. There are more than 900 million users. Many businesses see the business opportunities and rush in. If we are slower than others, we won't do it at all. Now it is in a growth period, and we still have the opportunity to enter. When others join the e-commerce industry, it's too late. Like Taobao 10 years ago, we don't understand, don't understand, or even don't value it. Now, it's too late to enter again.

Whether you do it or not, you still have to test your vision. A good eye is to see an opportunity that others can't see.

1.4 what is the difference between micronet mall and other micro malls?

A: 1. We only focus on the mall system, which was done ten years ago. The improvement of functions is based on the needs of customers and market research. Later, with the wechat official account, we connected the functions in our mall to the wechat interface.

2. Seven networks in one: the ports include wechat, Yixin, PC, WAP, app (Android, IOS), Alipay service window and microblog, which are now leading in China.

3. Most of the micro malls in the market are modified with simple enterprise websites, and have not considered the operation of customers at all, such as a large number of promotion rules, points system, member level discount and so on.

4. The open API interface can facilitate the internal docking with various software or secondary development, and they basically won't have this.

5. As an independent mall platform, the subject is independent, the member is independent, the data is independent, and the consumption payment is to the merchant account, which does not need to be returned by us. For merchants, the security is higher.

1.5 Taobao has micro Taobao. Its function is similar to that of wechat mall, but it is free. Why do you charge so much?

A: wechat is a third-party platform and an extension of Taobao. It can not give enterprises a completely independent mall. You can't do wechat marketing. The wechat mall we help enterprises do belongs to the enterprise itself, and can use more than 900 million wechat users to do wechat marketing.

1.6 what is the relationship between wechat and Tencent? If Tencent does it by itself, what shall we do?

A: relationship: Tencent open platform, we do secondary development on his platform.

If Tencent did it by itself, what should we do?

1. Absolutely impossible.

2. Your consideration is not unreasonable, but your worry is superfluous.

Do you know why Tencent still does wechat?

Wechat has a large number of users, and to attract a large number of users, it needs a large number of new application functions to attract users. It can never be developed by one company alone.

So he has to open up and let companies with development ability do secondary development, so that wechat has unlimited functions.

Just like Apple's app store, it is open to companies with all development capabilities around the world for development, so that it can have unlimited functions to attract more user groups.

3. This is a win-win era. Tencent can't beat itself in the face.

1.7 what is the specific process operation?

Answer: confirm the package - sign the contract - pay 50% deposit - provide the application data of public account, domain name application data, mall large category name and small category name (completed by the customer within seven working days) - after receiving the data (registered domain name and public account application), after the account number is approved (arrange the technology to open the secondary domain name and start entering the mall framework), submit for filing Apply for Alipay merchant service (instant arrival) - deliver it to the customer for testing and uploading products (within seven working days) - arrange the technology to readjust and test the system - pass the filing - pass the acceptance and the customer determines to start (pay the remaining 50%) - domain name resolution - space binding - start the mall

1.8 if you don't pay the service fee the next year, can the system be transferred to our server for operation?

A: it can be installed on your server, and the installation fee is 2000 yuan, which is authorized for lifelong use. You can use our server in the first year, and the installation fee will be charged when you do not use it in the next year.

1.9 how long can the renewal period of wechat mall be extended?

A: the renewal fee needs to be paid one month in advance. If the renewal fee is not paid at the expiration, it will be suspended and the data will be retained for one year.

1.10 if 50% of the advance payment has been paid, but I suddenly don't want to do it, can I have a refund?

A: This is non refundable, because we deal on the basis of mutual agreement.

1.11 if the mall is out of service due to some reasons of the customer, is the data saved?

A: you can keep the data for customers for up to one year.

1.12 what are the benefits of one-time renewal for many years?

A: you can ask for preferential policies from the customer service specialist of wechat.

1.13 does your system have a website built on Linux?

Answer: First: Net framework is cross platform, but it only supports windows server. In short, now ASP Net can't run on Linux for the time being, because Linux can't be installed yet net ;

Second: the database we use (MS SQL) cannot run on Linux at present.

1.14 you are Net, I heard that PHP is faster to access?

A: the access speed is not directly related to the language of the program. It is the server, and Net is run after compilation, with higher running speed and security.

1.15 what kind of server environment do you need to use your own server?

Answer: Platform: Windows Server 2003 / 2008 R2 / 2012

.net framework 2.0 / 4.0

Database: MS SQL 2005 / 2008 R2 / 2012

Development language: ASP net C#

Front end technology: HTML5, div + CSS, AJAX

Frame: MVC 5

Better server hardware should be:

1. CPU 4 cores or above

2. Memory 8g or above

3. Hardware requires SAS

4. Exclusive bandwidth of 100m or above
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