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Shopping Guide

1. Are all the goods sold in Gome's online mall genuine and licensed? Is there an after-sales warranty?

A: the goods sold in Gome's online mall are genuine and licensed goods, and regular machine printed Chinese invoices can be issued. With this invoice, all goods can enjoy the national joint insurance service of the manufacturer. Gome online mall will strictly follow the national three guarantees policy and fulfill the obligations of warranty, replacement and return for the sold goods.

2. Can the purchased goods be invoiced? If it is purchased by the company, can I issue a VAT invoice?

A: all the goods sold in Gome's online mall are genuine goods. Each order can be issued with a Chinese machine printed "special invoice for goods", which can be used as a reimbursement voucher for the unit. If enterprise customers need to issue value-added tax tickets, they need to provide copies of four kinds of certificates: tax matters notice, business license, tax registration certificate and account opening license. After opening, Gome online mall will send them to you by express. For individual users, VAT invoices cannot be issued.

3. Why do you sometimes not receive the invoice when you receive the goods?

A: because some goods are delivered directly by the manufacturer, the invoice will be sent for you after you sign for it. Please understand the inconvenience caused to you.

4. Why did you fail to log in to the mall? Why can't I log in to the mall?

A: first, check whether your user name and password are correct and confirm whether your browser supports cookie.

5. What order status can I view online?

After the order is submitted, you can see the status of "goods receipt", "goods receipt", "goods receipt", "goods receipt", "goods receipt", "payment confirmation" and so on. As your order progresses, the order will show its current status.

6. When will the out of stock goods arrive?

A: the arrival time of goods without goods is different according to the distribution situation. You can use the "arrival notice" function to register. Once the goods are available, we will notify you by e-mail.

7. When can I ship the goods after the order is placed successfully?

A: when the goods are in stock, they can be delivered within 48 hours after placing an order (the delivery time in suburban counties may be a little longer);

Users in other regions will be different according to your receiving address and the selected delivery method. Generally, the arrival time is 1-7 days (the delivery time in extremely remote areas may be a little longer);

When the goods are not in stock, the distribution time needs to be increased.

8. Which bank cards does online payment support?

A: we provide you with online payment of almost all bank cards and credit cards. As long as you open the "online payment" function, you can make online payment without handling charges and arrive in real time, which is convenient and fast.

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