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About Appliction

Since its establishment in 2005, micronet has always adhered to the concept of "providing better e-commerce software and services", focused on the R & D of e-commerce software and the provision of relevant network marketing solutions and services, and led the development direction of technology and marketing in China's e-commerce industry with advanced business ideas, keen market tentacles, excellent software products and professional supporting services.

Micronet has companies in Shantou and Shenzhen. After years of precipitation and accumulation, it has formed a large-scale, powerful and experienced professional team. Relying on the Internet and adhering to independent development and innovation, it owns shopbest online mall system with independent property rights and core technology, stranger comprehensive online customer service system, multi-level Commission distribution system (MLC), one yuan cloud purchase system, partnership system, o2o floor solution and other products and services that meet user needs, conform to market laws and unique industry characteristics.

Micronet not only provides enterprise level e-commerce application platform for domestic high-end well-known brands, but also provides one-stop fast store building solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise customers.

With its deep understanding of e-commerce and rich practical experience, micronet has won the favor of more than 100000 users, won the unanimous recognition and trust of customers in the retail industry, department stores, clothing industry, cosmetics, luggage, automotive supplies industry and other industries, established a good and stable cooperative relationship, and won high praise and praise from customers.

Micronet adheres to quality and pursues excellence. It will take creating more value for customers as the core and explore the way of e-commerce operation with more enterprises. We firmly believe that in this gold mining era of e-commerce, micronet can provide the best gold mining tools to help enterprises achieve golden fruits and promote the rapid development of enterprise e-commerce tomorrow.
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